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Finding inspiration in the digital and the natural world, Matthieu Leger presents us with oil paintings where the two merge and collide. In his paintings, Leger presents a distorted, fractured, and de-coded digital reality. Combining traditional painting with modern trends in computer image-manipulation, Leger re-thinks the visual language of painting for the age of the digital image. Landscapes, environments, inhabitants and subjects exist in states of flux; emerging between figurative representation, broken digital abstractions and explosions of colour.


Born in 1987, London, Ontario Canada.


Matthieu Leger graduated with First-Class honours degree from University College Falmouth. He was awarded the Sir Richard Ford Award, a scholarship to study from the collection at the Prado Museum in Madrid. Since then he has gone on to have successful gallery and museum exhibitions across the UK and has also been the recipient of various prizes; The Trevor Thomas Prize (2014) The Nottingham Society of Artists Prize (2015), the John-E-Wright Prize (2015) The Leicester Museums Trust Prize (2017).

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